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Yet it's been mostly sunshine and roses away from the track for Patrick, who revealed her Stenhouse news in January, two months after announcing the end of her seven-year marriage. It initially seemed the NASCAR universe might implode from the virtually unprecedented pairing, but the glare faded quickly. When Patrick accidentally spun Stenhouse at New Hampshire Motor Speedway two weeks ago, it hardly caused a stir aside from the most popular woman in motor sports joking to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that she "did sleep on the couch that night.

Maybe a little bit. But I think people mostly were just happy for us. As much attention as Danica gets, you wonder why there isn't as much on the relationship, but a lot of it probably goes to the fact that neither one of them said, 'This is what we're all about. Though they've kept their feelings low profile, it isn't because they are playing it cool.

Fast-Lane Love

On the contrary, Patrick and Stenhouse have been virtually inseparable, even during their daily crossfit training routines. No, because we're worse apart," Patrick says. The arrangement might be working well because there hasn't been much of an on-track rivalry or consistent success to attract the spotlight's glare. While Stenhouse contended for a victory at Kansas and has been in the hunt for a Chase for the Sprint Cup bid, he also is currently ranked 21st in points and still seeking his first top So is Patrick whose results have faded since starting the season as the first female Sprint Cup pole-sitter and the first woman to lead the Daytona The three-time champion has fielded cars for both — the No.

So how far along are Patrick and Stenhouse in their relationship? Well, they've met the parents, they're buying each other clothes and they've entered into various stages of cohabitation and compromise. Patrick is using slightly fewer vulgarities; Stenhouse is drinking slightly more wine.

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But the adoring and devoted bond hasn't prompted any talk of wedding bells in the near future though they toyed with pranking the news media with a photo tweet in front of a Las Vegas chapel. Patrick, 31, spends much of her free time with Stenhouse in the Lake Norman area about 20 miles north of Charlotte at a house where her boyfriend rents a bedroom from his accountant, Ehren Hull. She keeps her belongings on the floor of a spare room that holds Stenhouse's racing simulator, which serves as a hanger for some of her clothes.

Right Now share more than eight-figure salaries and fat gossip-column scrapbooks. Both grew up far from wealthy Lopez the daughter of now-divorced computer specialist David, 60, and kindergarten teacher Guadelupe, 56; Affleck the son of now-divorced rehab counselor Tim and elementary school teacher Chris, both 59 , dropped out of college to pursue acting and dated high school sweethearts while climbing the ladder to success.

Then their love lives got complicated. After her month marriage to then waiter Ojani Noa, now 27, Lopez embarked on a tumultuous three-year romance with Combs. She got engaged to Judd three months after that split. No slouch as a Casanova, Affleck has stepped out with Pamela Anderson , Courtney Love, Shoshanna Lonstein and Famke Janssen since his split with Gwyneth Paltrow in —even with a three-week time-out last summer for alcohol rehab.

Danica and Ricky are living love in the fast lane

It was just a distraction. Now it seems Lopez—with whom Affleck is set to costar as a married couple with a young daughter in the parenthood comedy Jersey Girl , which starts shooting in Philadelphia in mid-August—is distraction enough. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. Fast-Lane Love.

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Buzzes with rock energy reminiscent of the proto-punk lower East Side legends like The Velvet Underground and Television, punched up with pop melodies that resuscitates a sound that never went out of style. Not so. The songs play out like minimalist short stories framed by the spacious, guitar-heavy arrangements the band is known for. A ragged scorcher of an attack that combines the mercurial feel of the Velvet Underground with the assertive middle-finger of Exile -era Stones. With equal parts twang and rock, and enough ferocious guitar feedback to make Crazy Horse grin, the Silos sizzle with tightly packaged songs bristling with unbridled energy.

In less skilled hands, this kind of genre-jumping would indicate a band that can't commit to a sound, but The Silos are much too gifted to suffer from anything as pedestrian as indecision. Salas-Humara has always reveled in his creative schizophrenia and Come On Like the Fast Lane is further proof of his extraordinary ability to incorporate his myriad influences into a singular sonic coat of many colors. The band's austere style inflects the astringent twang of The Velvet Underground with the drone of R.

Only in Chicago could you have two true musical icons playing with and for each other on stage - their mutual respect, musical abandon and joy plainly evident - on a Monday! Full of soulful urgency and longing, conjuring the ghosts of mates-in-spiritual-arms from Dylan Thomas to Johnny Cash. A sometimes sparse, sometimes exuberant blend of folk, deep country and wide-open spaces from this co-founding member of punk legends X.

Love Party [Album 'Pedalling In The Fast Lane'] mp3 by MOOOSE

Subdued, but no less edgy. The result always cuts against simple interpretation, pushing all the charm toward menace, and the sorrow toward ecstasy.

GP finds himself at the absolute top of his game and in the midst of a extended creative hot streak. Full of ambition and a palpable sense of renewed determination, Zoysia leaps from the speakers and takes you on that long, strange trip.