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Scattolon, Y. Strass, P. Katzmarzyk, P. Sweet, L. Wakewich, P. Baukje Miedema Ed. Young, T. Occupational Health and Safety Binkley, M. Kosny, A. Messing, K. Place Bourne, L. Conseil du Statut de la Femme. December January July June March Donner, L. Gandy, K. Macdougall, P. Feminization of Poverty: Personal accounts of rural single parent mothers, unpublished doctoral dissertation, Acadia University Wolfville.

Martel, C. Purdon, C. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 32 1 , pp. Bourgoin, G. Caroll, J.

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Davinson, K. Iglesias, S. Kioke, S. Revisiting the Past. Loos, C. MacLeod, M. Work in Progress.

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Miskelly, M. Mpofu, D.

Feminist Studies

Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, 5 4 , pp. Poole, N. Rupert, H. Long Distance Delivery, Healthsharing. Rural Obstetrics Joint Working Group. Sokoloski, E. Community Obstetrics: A new look at group obstetrical care in rural communities, Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, 7 3 , pp. Sugamori, D. Torr, E. Tromp, M.

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Webber, G. Childbirth in the North, Canadian Family Physician, 39, pp. Wysong, P. National Forum outlines point Program to Save Rural Obstetrics: Saskatchewan tries novel approach to upgrade delivery skills, Medical Post, 34 26 , p. Phimister, E. Thomlinson, E. Substance Abuse Cardwell, M. Currie, J. Health Canada. Office of Alcohol, D. Bicultural Organizing on Women and Addictions in B.

Well-Being Gerrard, N. Kubick, W. Work Binkley, M. Ferrie, J. Leach, B. Naysmith Ed.

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Project Mayday: Mayday in the Community. Gender balance of employment in rural and small town Canada, , Ottawa: Author. Winson, A. Also rurality itself.

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  • Berthelot, J. Bollman, R. Daniel, M. Driver, D. Mavin, R. Housing the Rural Elderly: Exploring the potential for the Abbeyfield model, unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Guelph, p. Pong, R. Wilson, K. Kenchnie, M. Belanger, H. Calhoun, S. Growing Up Female in New Brunswick, Coleman, R. Eakin, J. Heaman, M. National Clearinghouse on Family Violence. Women and Health Care Delivery in Canad, [www. Crawford, B. McClure, L. This literature appears to be rural women have largely been marginalized significantly stronger in English than in and invisible in the literature.

    Reasons for French. There are also several health in Canada have been researched studies on addiction and substance abuse more thoroughly than others, but even in the within rural populations. Rates and promotion of breast and The existence of several papers on a topic cervical cancer screening and experiences does not constitute a substantial literature.

    Profiles by type

    In of dealing with breast cancer are well many cases, existing research is limited to represented in the English literature, for proposals, investigations in progress, or Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women. Other types of cancer are not explicitly Conclusions must therefore be considered addressed. Two sexual abuse and substance abuse; mental reports explore the effects of health care health; childbirth and the importance of reform on caregivers.

    Specific areas of emphasis health care reform. As the primary users include the impacts of geographic and of health care, scarcity of services affects social isolation and employment insecu- women disproportionately. The scope of rity on mental health, high incidences of this review does not include all of the stress and depression, and the need for literature on recruitment and retention of more rural mental health services.

    Messing services. They juggling multiple responsibilities. The challenges of rural health research. This is all the more obstetric care provision, particularly from striking when placed alongside the virtual the perspectives of physicians, are espe- absence of research on rural children and cially well documented in the Canadian adolescents. Specific topics include breast Journal of Rural Medicine. Health experi- cancer screening, caregiving, housing and ences of younger women who do not the impacts of health reforms. There being able to under- types of information, from is clearly work to be stand and use it.

    In terms of being aware of what data exists, In terms of obtaining the information avail- there are websites, clearinghouses and data- able, additional barriers exist. Electronic bases that endeavour to link people with access may not be available, particularly for Canadian information. Not all relevant resources has been produced or commissioned by the are available electronically for free, and the Quebec government and is therefore more cost of obtaining them can be prohibitive. Many electronic databases even require a Finally, information is only accessible if it is subscription, which is costly unless a user is easy to use.

    Too often, academic reports that affiliated with a post-secondary educational are indexed and relatively readily available facility. In other cases, particularly with are not written in a style that allows for their community-based reports, speeches or insights to be easily understood and applied. One more widely accessible style, are harder to exception to this may be government locate. They are also frequently based on reports, which are usually available free of smaller sample sizes or less rigourous charge.

    Methodology This section will review the methodologies Sioux Lookout. See Appendix B for a list out of the social science tradition. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Exceptions are studies addressing preva- literature in French, insofar as this review lence rates of particular medical conditions did not locate any research directly relevant and procedures among rural populations, to the concerns of rural women produced such as studies on diabetes, sexually trans- out of the Quebec-based Centre of mitted diseases or cancer among Aboriginal Excellence.

    The majority of French-language Canadians see Daniel and Gamble ; studies have been produced or commis- Harris ; Healey et al. For example, analyses those relying on large datasets see Manual of health problems at a particular phase of et al. This emphasis affect or be affected by other phases. This occurs, reports and working papers.

    The same is however, at the expense of generalizability. Yet ; DesMeules ; McClure et al. See Section attention is frequently paid to the ramifica- 5. Ahmad , yet in rural contexts the This section offers a synthesis of what is choice of a female physician is rarely known in this field, based on the Canadian available. Services specifically benefiting literature that addresses rurality explicitly. It women are also scarce, including shelters is followed by sections on tensions and gaps against violence and gynecological cancer in the literature.

    From quality of life and morbidity see this literature, it is clear that living rurally Gucciardi and Biernie-Lefcovithc ; and being a woman both affect health in a Morton and Loos For example, number of interrelated ways. Those implications may be services, and cervical cancer rates are positive or negative, or both simultaneously. Seven specific ways in Maxwell et al.

    Deleeuw links higher are outlined here: rates of sexually transmitted diseases and a Limited health care services—The teenage pregnancies to the inadequacy, scarcity and geographic dispersion of rural poor availability, and poor accessibility of health care services limit access to appro- health services in rural and remote priate health care see for example communities.

    Women frequently report Hutten-Czapski Such overall lower satisfaction with their birth experi- scarcity affects women disproportionately ences when required to leave their as the main users of health care services communities to have their babies see and as the ones traditionally responsible Webber Women generally prefer to see home as possible. For instance, one interesting study, of year-round access to nutritious food, reported by Church et al.

    These emerge as important issues within the literature, despite not having a b Limited health information—The lack specific body of research devoted to of physicians in rural Canada means that them. See for example Everitt ; women lack access not only to primary Graveline ; Gillis ; Haas ; health care, but also to health informa- Hornosty ; Kubik and Moore ; tion, since physicians are a key source of Meadows et al.

    It is therefore important Klassen ; Sutherns The same to look beyond the explicit titles of the is true in other areas as well; when serv- studies to the recurring themes that tie the ices such as midwifery, physiotherapy, various topics together. See for especially example Bowd and Loos d Lack of anonymity—Rural difficult to ; Bruhm ; places are small, so people Forsdick Martz ; maintain.

    For example, the support, and negatively, in terms of a high prevalence of diabetes among reluctance to admit need or access serv- Aboriginal women is linked in part with a ices. Both sides particularly affect women, lack of information on prevention Harris as the primary users of health care serv- ; Hegele et al. Maintaining confiden- remote or Northern communities across tiality, keeping up appearances, and the country.

    In small communi- which they are being delivered, particu- ties, privacy is especially difficult to larly within the literature on Aboriginal maintain. Similar calls farming and fisheries, rural occupations for greater sensitivity to diversity in rural can present health benefits and risks to contexts are found in the articles on rural women.

    Exposure to nature and lesbian health. In other cases, where it is a What is rurality and does it matter? See for example Parikha et analysis. Rural participants may have al. Where differ- responses are rarely disaggregated and ences do exist, rurality can act positively analyzed separately. The significance of and negatively, often in contradictory rurality, or lack of it, is left unaddressed.

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    The and predictable ways. Rural experience in literature describes rural women as being Nunavut will not be the same as that in largely invisible and many of their indi- Newfoundland. This lack of privacy along- place. Characteristics such as self- distance, in turn exacerbating any feelings reliance and conservatism likely play of isolation. In Satisfaction with health care quality is the Canadian literature, this tension has directly related to expectations of that resulted in an overall reluctance to care. Implicit in the literature are tensions address culture, or in a tendency to do so around what level of access to health care based on poorly supported arguments.

    On the other hand, the decision to forego immediate access to literature also suggests that rural residents health care; therefore rural residents have surprisingly low expectations of should not expect similar health care their health care, and are therefore not access to urban dwellers. Yet The Canada dissatisfied with care that might be Health Act guarantees accessible health deemed by others to be unsatisfactory.

    As play between various social a result, the amount of research determinants of health remains addressing the specific health concerns of under-represented in current research. Edition: 8th rpinting. Binding: Paperback. Based on breakthrough historical research and four years of on-the-ground reporting in disaster zones, Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically, and that unfettered capitalism goes hand-in-hand with democracy.

    Instead, she argues it has consistently relied on violence and shock, and reveals the puppet strings behind the critical…. Jacket condition: No Dj. Catalogue: History. Radnor, Chilton Book Co, Binding: Softcover. Jacket condition: Paperback. Catalogue: How-to-Craft. Edahl Productions, Size: Oblong 8vo. Jackson, during summer holidays at his grandparent's home in the Eastern Townships as written by Lindsay A. Evans, reveal not only a little known A. Catalogue: Canadian Art. Victoria University Press Paperback. Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety tells the real, messy story behind these statistics -- what anxiety feels like, what causes it, what helps and what doesn't.

    These accounts are sometimes raw and confronting, but they all seek to share experiences, remove stigma, offer help or simply shine a light on what anxiety is. The stories in Headlands are told by people from all walks of life: poets, novelists, and journalists, musicians, social workers, and health professionals, and includes new work from Ashleigh Young, Tusiata Avia, Danyl McLauchlan, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Hinemoana Baker and Kirsten McDougall. Edited by journalist Naomi Arnold, Headlands shows that some communities have better access to mental health services than others and it underscores the importance for greater understanding of the condition across society.

    It is not a book of solutions nor a self-help guide. Instead, it has been put together for all individuals and whanau affected by anxiety. It's also for those who are still suffering in silence, in the hope they will see themselves reflected in these pages and know that they are not alone'--Back cover. Near Mint. Book Haven Professional seller. Catalogue: General. Puffin Books. ISBN: 0 14 7 Soft cover. Book, A new adapted version by Naomi Lewis. Illustrated by Errol le Cain. Very Good. Antiquariaat "Het Kofschip" Professional seller.

    Toronto, Random House,Vintage Canada, Edition: First Edition. The bestselling classic that redefined our view of the relationship between beauty and female identity. Manchester: Manchester University Press, Fine copy in fine dust jacket. Abacus Bookshop Professional seller. Catalogue: Literary Criticism. American Journal of Archaeology: October , No. Boston: Archaeological Institute of America, Send To Friend. Comments: Hello, I just stumbled upon this listing and thought you might like it.

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