Guide Silverlight Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

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View basket. Continue shopping. Problem 3. Solution 3. How It Works 3. Working with Color and Gradients in Blend 3. Positioning UI Elements 3. Canvas 3.

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StackPanel 3. Grid 3. Code for Canvas 3. Code for StackPanel 3. Code for the Grid 3. Drawing with Shapes, Paths, and Geometries 3. Drawing with Shapes 3. Drawing with Path Objects 3. Drawing with Geometries 3. Drawing with Paths 3. Providing Scrollable Content 3. Applying a Border to Elements 3. Using Simple Animations with Objects 3. Animating UI Elements with Keyframes 3. Transforming an Object 3. Creating a Simple Cartoon Scene 3. Handling Keyboard Input 3. For Macintosh-specific key codes, refer to 3.

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Working with Ink 3. Dynamically Creating Bitmaps 3. Improving Graphic Animation and Video Performance 3. Improve Animation with Custom Easing Functions 3. Adding Pixel Shader Visual Effects 3. Reuse Application Interactivity with Behaviors 3. Customizing the Right-Click Context Menu 3.

How it Works 3. Accessing the Clipboard 3.

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Using Right-to-Left Text 3. Prototype Application Design 3. The Code 4. Data Binding 4. Binding Application Data to the UI 4.

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Problem 4. Solution 4.


How It Works 4. Binding Expression 4. Dependency Properties 4. Associating the Data Source 4. Binding Using a DataTemplate 4. Declaring a DataTemplate 4. Using a DataTemplate 4. Receiving Change Notifications for Bound Data 4. Change Notification for Noncollection Types 4. Change Notification for Collection Types 4.

Converting Values During Data Binding 4. Implementing Value Conversion 4.

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Binding Across Elements 4. Binding to Another Element 4. Binding to Self 4. Binding to the TemplatedParent 4. Validating Input for Bound Data 4. Validation Error Notification 4. Getting Error Information 4. Getting a Validation Error Summary 4. Controlling Updates 4. Providing reasonable defaults for bound data 4. Null Value Replacement 4. Fallback value 4.

String Formatting 4. The Code 5. Controls 5. A Word About the Samples 5. Customizing a Control's Basic Appearance 5. Problem 5. Solution 5. How It Works 5. Style Scoping 5.

Silverlight Recipes: A Problem-solution Approach

Replacing the Default UI of a Control 5. Control Template Syntax 5. Setting the Template 5. Using Expression Blend to Design a Template 5. Template Bindings 5. Content Model and Presenter Controls 5. Visual State Management 5. Displaying Information in a Pop-up 5. Creating and Initializing the Pop-up 5. Positioning the Pop-up 5. Creating Pop-up Content 5. Displaying Row Details in a DataGrid 5. The GenerateElement Method 5. The GenerateEditingElement Method 5. The CancelCellEdit Method 5. Creating a Composite User Control 5. User Control Structure 5. XAML Loading 5. Dependency Properties 5.

Creating a Custom Layout Container 5. Motivation and Mechanics 5. The MeasureOverride Method 5. The ArrangeOverride Method 5. Using the WrapPanel 5. Creating a Custom Control 5. Custom Control Structure 5. TemplateBinding vs. RelativeSource Binding to TemplatedParent 5. Using the Control 5. Defining a Custom Visual State 5.

Controlling ScrollViewer Scroll Behavior 5. The VisualTreeHelper class 5.