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Later on, I was attacked by a wraith and, because I lacked the aforementioned magic sword, I was unable to defend myself. Later, in the crypt itself, I faced off against the stench ghoul whose foul odour reduced my SKILL by a further two, which I think was a bit severe. Thus disadvantaged I was paralysed by the ghoul and eaten alive. As in many Jonathan Green books such as Bloodbones , Spellbreaker and Stormslayer I had a fight at the very start of the adventure. I then headed into the desert for another fight, after which, choosing the second option meant I returned to the oft-repeated pattern of ignoring opportunities to investigate the desert.

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During this journey I had some more fights, but then an imposed SKILL loss at the start of a fight against a Great Baboon resulted in a very close battle, from which I came off second best. Thus my defeat in this journey into the Desert of Skulls was even quicker than in Temple of Terror. The outcome of making every second choice in Howl could not have been more different. Similar to my earlier attempt at Battleblade Warrior , in Howl I fought a lot of creatures — exactly 22 in both I also fought 22 creatures in Stormslayer. And as in Battleblade , I also came tantalisingly close to success in Howl.

But more on that later. As in Curse I had a fight at the very start, but this only lasted for two rounds before I fell over and got bitten by the werewolf. For the rest of the adventure the Second Swordsman process meant I tended to engage with people if they were by themselves or in small numbers, but ignored larger groupings and towns. In Howl there are several opportunities to go on side quests, usually to assist the locals who live in this tormented part of Mauristatia.

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However, I only undertook one of these, and with no success — other than finding another creature to add to my tally. I eventually reached Castle Wulfenstein, home of the head werewolf and possibly a video game from the s and choosing every second option led me to an amazing healing potion and to Count Varcolac himself. And it was at his feet that my journey ended. Without a special sword again! Having come so close to success I went back and revisited some of my choices.

I thus found that had I made one just choice differently by not ignoring an opportunity to investigate a place I would have gained the special sword relatively easily, and with it, almost certain victory. And so, the Second Swordsman process proved to be no match for the evil that surrounded the big three monsters — the vampire, the werewolf and the mummy. Jan 05, Olivier Delaye rated it liked it. That one was a read down memory lane, full of nostalgia and surprise.

Nostalgia because I used to read gamebooks also called Fighting Fantasy books when I was a kid. No, correction, I used to wolf 'em down like a starving dog! I just couldn't get enough! I honestly think that they are the reason for my undying love for books. I read those way before I discovered Tolkien, Dahl, Blyton and the likes, and they used to grip me like nobody's business. Now I re read them with a different eye, but That one was a read down memory lane, full of nostalgia and surprise.

Now I re read them with a different eye, but and that's where the element of surprise comes in I still find them highly enjoyable and not as badly written as some might say. This one is about a vampire in a castle and it's your job to get rid of him; a Dracula rehash if you will, but who cares, it's all good fun. View all 3 comments. Jan 24, Tazio Bettin rated it really liked it Shelves: gamebooks.

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Quite a pleasant read. The book has a nice, well depicted atmosphere and there is even a small twist. It seems that there are several ways in which one can reach the end, and that encourages replayability. A detour from the usual true path philosophy of Fighting Fantasy titles. It makes it to my top ten best Fighting Fantasy titles, I'd say. May 24, Geoff rated it liked it. But what Vault lacks in originality it recoups in good writing and balance: the goth-horror setting is suitably foreboding and there aren't too many insta-kill traps here. Unlike many other FF gameboo 38 of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks is a typical vampire hunt in which some hapless villagers are terrorized by a powerful undead creep and you're recruited to infiltrate his castle and kill him with the usual tools garlic, holy water, a mirror, and of course a stake to drive through his heart.

Unlike many other FF gamebooks you can also persevere without stacking your skill and stamina scores to survive otherwise unwinnable battles, though the book does implement a fourth attribute -- Faith, essentially your ability to keep your wits -- that weighs heavily since it's tested constantly. As you proceed you meet the Count's assorted ancestors, employees, and living relatives, and it's fun to unravel the palace intrigue and exploit the differing motives of the characters.

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There are even a few jokes whatever you do, don't drink the red wine. All in all, not a bad entry in the series. May 12, Jacob rated it really liked it. A fun read, with a good amount of choice and an atmospheric location. Yeah, the Vampire is pretty much Dracula but it's a good amount of challenge in terms of the fighting, and some cool opportunities to test your Faith, rather than lots of Luck tests like in other Fighting Fantasy books. Oct 16, Mr.

Twinkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars. I must admit that this is by far the most overall well-working Fighting Fantasy I have read or played. It is perfectly balanced and even if you roll badly for your stats at the beginning there are options for weaker players to balance it out when confronted with challenges.

I feel Keith Martin took all the best aspects of Fighting Fantasy and created a book that is significantly superior to many of the other books in the series. A perfect blend of adventure, horror and fun. Mar 15, Shawn M. We kicked some ass, killed some ghoul and saved a spoiler. Fun times to have with your girlfriend and you get to read too. Apr 30, Sally rated it really liked it. I had all of the Fighting Fantasy books as a child, and oh how I loved them. Feb 05, Juho Pohjalainen rated it it was amazing.

On my first playthrough I was hypnotized into killing someone I wouldn't have wanted to. It was genuinely gut-punching and almost single-handedly elevated this book among my favourites. The great writing, the atmosphere, the better-than-average illustrations, the just-right difficulty with many paths to victory, the interesting encounters, and the well-realized Faith mechanic sure don't hurt its odds either.

Just about the only flaw is that one skeleton monster with eye beams. I hate that guy.

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