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His nobility of character lifts him up into a sphere far beyond all such trifles and absurdities, and being above the sensual plane, wherein ordinary mortals find their happiness and enjoyment, he lives with those who do not think evil of each other, who do not rejoice about an injustice done to their brother, or make merry about his ignorance, and enjoy his misfortunes. He enjoys the company of those who love the truth, and who are surrounded by the peace and harmony of the spirit. The Rosicrucian loves the truth. There is no devil worse than falsehood and calumny.

Ignorance is a non-entity, but falsehood is the substance of evil. The calumniator rejoices whenever he has found something upon which to base his lies and to make them grow like mountains. Opposed to it is the truth, it being a ray of light from the eternal fountain of GOOD, which has the power to transform man into a divine being. The Rosicrucian knows how to be silent. Those who are false do not love the truth. Those who are foolish do not love wisdom. The true Rosicrucian prefers to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate truth to that of those who would trample it with their feet.

He will keep that which he knows locked up within his heart, for in silence is power. As a minister of state does not go about telling to everybody the secrets of the king; so the Rosicrucian does not parade before the public the revelations made to him by the king within, who is nobler and wiser than all the earthly kings and princes; for they only rule by the authority and power derived from Him.

His secrecy ceases only when the king commands him to speak, for it is then not he who speaks, but the truth that is speaking through him. The Rosicrucian believes that which he knows. He believes in the immutability of eternal law, and that every cause has a certain effect. He knows that the truth cannot lie, and that the promises made to him by the king will be fulfilled, if he does not himself hinder their fulfilment.

He is, therefore, inaccessible to doubt or fear, and puts implicit confidence in the divine principle of truth, which has become alive and conscious within his heart. The Rosicrucian's hope is firm. Spiritual hope is the certain conviction resulting from a knowledge of the law, that the truths recognised by faith will grow and be fulfilled; it is the knowledge of the heart, and very different from the intellectual speculation of the reasoning brain.

His faith rests upon the rock of direct perception and cannot be overthrown. He knows that in everything, however evil it may appear to he, there is a germ of good, and he hopes that in the course of evolution that germ will become developed, and thus evil be transformed into good. The Rosicrucian cannot be vanquished by suffering.

The Secret Rosicrucian Adept Alois Mailander

He knows that there is no light without shadow, no evil without some good, and that strength only grows by resistance. Having once recognised the existence of the Divine principle within everything, external changes are to him of little importance, and do not deserve great attention.

His main object is to hold on to his spiritual possessions, and not to lose the crown which he has gained in the battle of life. The Rosicrucian will always remain a member of his society. Names are of little importance. The principle which presides over the Rosicrucian Society is the truth; and he who knows the truth, and follows it in practice, is a member of the society over which the truth practises.

If all names were changed and all languages altered, the truth would remain the same; and he who lives in the truth will live even if all nations should pass away. These are the sixteen signs of the true Rosicrucians, which have been revealed to a pilgrim by an angel who took away the heart of the pilgrim, leaving in its place a fiery coal, which is now incessantly burning and glowing with love of the universal brotherhood of humanity.

Labels: ethics , recognition , Rosicrucian. These are all great qualities to cultivate, be they for a Rosicrucian or a magician in general. I believe that a couple of others should be added to this list; those being: Responsibility - taking responsibility for one's words and actions, and knowing that those words and actions effect others both negatively and positively.

Self-Sacrifice - willingness to give of yourself even when it may actually be more of a strain to do so. But to do so without expectation of reward for anything given. Service-to-Others - always working for the betterment of others through helping, advising, and healing.

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Doing for those that need assistance. Humor - being able to laugh at yourself and the world around you with true gusto because we are imperfect and do things which are amusing. Not taking oneself so seriously all the time as to not being able to see the humor in life, especially in our own actions.


In all a great set of goals to strive for to make a person better, more than human. If we all, as Magicians or otherwise, strove ever to live our lives accordingly to these qualities, the World would be a much better place for all mankind. Just my two centavos. In LVX, Samuel. Samuel said June 21, at AM. Rosicrucianism is a spiritual order, not an Earthly one, the physical organizations bearing that name are only crutches until people can walk the path themselves, Rosicrucianism is a self-study. As it is a spiritual order the Rosicrucian is born a Rosicrucian, his previous lives have made him that, but until he is mature in the current incarnation he will not fulfill the above list, although growing with age.

A Rosicrucian speaks

I was born into a Rosicrucian family and one of the things I was told about was the mark or sign of the Rosicrucian, a physical mark after an accident, like a stiff leg. I have recently met a number of people which I think is Rosicrucians, and they have all been through either an accident, a sickness or a chock, and I have looked more into it, and it seems to be connected with the loosening of the ether body from the physical, that they are not so bound to the physical world.

Kim Graae said June 22, at AM. Though many years have passed for me since reading that "19th century" work you've referenced, I recall benefiting from that reading by introspection and self-evaluation. If I were so competent that all the described qualities were my "second nature," I would hope that as a result, it would not make any difference to me whether anyone else is, or is not, meeting up to those fine standards. June 22, at PM. John said June 25, at PM. Samuel, I wholeheartedly agree. The selflessness and self-sacrifice would seem key to the whole Christian-based thing.

I had a small debate on the Esoteric Christians forum, and one person distilled all the points down to one quality: Love. I really couldn't agree more. The first edition of copies, printed in Chicago , was exhausted in six months but it was learned that of these had been given by the publisher as payment of the debts of the publishing house to other publishers. Immediately, a large second edition was ordered: a first payment was made to the printer with the help of Augusta Foss, [8] who would become Max Heindel's wife.

This time two booksellers bought one-third of the imprint before it was off the press. The Rosicrucian Fellowship's formal constitution occurred on August 8, , in Seattle , Washington , at p. The first Rosicrucian study center had been already previously formed in Columbus, Ohio , on November 14, , where Heindel lectured and taught for a number of months.

The Spread of Rosicrucianism in Northern Europe

After each lecture he distributed free mimeographed copies to the audience; those twenty lectures were printed in , along with the first edition of Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception , under the title The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures. In Los Angeles, Max Heindel gave conferences three times a week to audiences of nearly one thousand people from November 29, , till March 17, On October 28, , the organisation's international headquarters, still used today, were opened at Mount Ecclesia in Oceanside, California.

The ceremony of ground-breaking consisted in planting a large Cross with the initials C.

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The Rosicrucian Fellowship Temple , called The Ecclesia, was erected for the purpose of affording more powerful means for the healing of disease, and dedicated on December 25, Spiritual Healing meetings are held there each day. According to Max Heindel, the invisible Order of the Rose Cross exists in the inner worlds , was founded in and is composed of twelve great adepts presented as belonging to human evolution but already advanced far beyond the cycle of rebirth.

Admission into the Rosicrucian Fellowship is free of fees and is funded by donation. The Fellowship recognizes seven grades , but its study is primarily based upon a system of three grades: regular student, probationer and disciple. When the Probationer has complied with the necessary requirements and completed the term of probation he may send request for individual instruction.

Access to the Disciple grade is granted upon merit ; [13] once admitted into discipleship subsequent Spiritual unfoldment of the advanced soul within the Order of the Rose Cross is conducted through the process of the nine Lesser Initiations. The school's teachings hold that man is a Spirit with all the powers of God , powers that are being slowly unfolded in a series of existences rebirths in a gradually-improving body, a process under the guidance of exalted Beings ordering our steps in a decreasing measure as man gradually acquires intellect and will. For this purpose we live many lives [15] of increasingly fine texture and moral character.

Through the "Law of Cause and Consequence" we constantly set new causes into operation which will create new destiny to balance and improve the old destiny brought from the past. All causes set into action in one life cannot be ripened in one existence but "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap". Additionally, any informational websites whose topics are focused on the Rosicrucians are appropriate for this category, whether complimentary or oppositional.

Feature Article Who Are the Rosicrucians? Like most Americans my age, the first time I ever heard of the Rosicrucians was in the back of a comic book. Claiming that Benjamin Franklin , Isaac Newton , and Francis Bacon were Rosicrucians, their ads promised secret powers and a secret method for the mastery of life. Yes, Rosicrucian advertisements regularly ran in the back of comic books, along with ads for shrunken heads, sea monkeys and X-ray vision glasses. Unlike, I am fairly certain, any of my other friends, I actually filled in the the form and mailed it in to the Rosicrucians in San Jose, California.

When I didn't hear back from them in a couple of months, I sent another one in, and another; looking back, I imagine my parents had intercepted my mail because, one day when I picked the mail up from the box myself, I found an envelope addressed to me from the Rosicrucians. I am not able to tell you just what was in that envelope because it didn't make a lot of sense to me and, while I began reading it, I ended up skimming it. I was ten or twelve years old, and I can remember very long paragraphs, strange illustrations, and stuff that didn't make any sense to me.

I doubt that I threw it away because I seldom threw anything away, but it disappeared; my mom probably found it. It was no great loss because, apart from a feeling that maybe I wasn't smart enough to make sense of it, there wasn't much there that interested me. I don't know if they still advertise in the back of comic books because it's been a long time since I've looked at a comic book.

Fifty years later, here I am, once again trying to make sense of the Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucians are a secret society said to have originated in Germany during the early s. Its founding is attributed to a German doctor and philosopher by the name of Christian Rosenkreuz, whose surname can be translated as rose-cross. Rosenkreuz studied in the Middle East.

It is uncertain, but his influences may have been Sufism , with a dose of Gnosticism. Upon his return to Germany, he recruited a small group of friends and acquaintances, founding the Rosicrucian Order around At the time of the death of its founder, the Rosicrucians had no more than eight members, all of whom were doctors and bachelors. Its members had taken an oath to heal the sick without payment of a fee, to maintain the secrets of the order, and to find a replacement for himself before his death. Reportedly, three generations of members passed in such a manner before the organization decided to reach out to a larger public.

The Rosicrucians published a couple of manifestos between and , the first restricted to Germany, with the second distributed throughout Europe. Interestingly, much like the comic book ads of the s and s, the organization's first manifesto was not taken seriously by many, but was regarded as a hoax.

Its second manifesto gained some attention by hinting that the Rosicrucians were a secret brotherhood of alchemists and sages who were about to transform the landscape of science, religion, and the arts. Their statements were republished several times, along with a variety of pamphlets. Beginning in , hundreds of manuscripts and books were published that discussed the Rosicrucian Order.

In the late s, an affiliation between the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons developed, probably brought about by individuals who held memberships in both organizations. Egyptian, Druidic, and Greek mysteries were added to the Rosicrucian's alchemy system around Various groups formed in the late s and early s, claiming Rosicrucian origins, some of which continue in existence today.

Some of these groups profess to possess esoteric knowledge related to the teachings of Christianity , while others are associated with Freemasonry. Still others, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, are considered to be initiating orders that emphasize Western mystery traditions while retaining many Eastern methods and teachings, and may not consider themselves to be Christian organizations.

Dr. Robert Gilbert on Frequency and the Fulfillment of Spiritual Traditions in the 21st Century

What do the Rosicrucians believe? That is a question that may have been easier to answer a few centuries ago than it is now, as there are different branches, or orders, of Rosicrucians who do not necessarily hold to the same beliefs. However, one theme that is common the Rosicrucianism appears to be mysticism, or the idea that they possess secret knowledge.

To those on the inside of the Rosicrucians, their beliefs may indeed be clear.

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Secrecy, after all, is central to all Rosicrucian organizations.