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Volume , Previous Article Next Article. From the journal: Faraday Discussions. Kramers' theory for diffusion on a periodic potential. This article is part of the themed collection: Reaction Rate Theory. You have access to this article. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong.

Try again? Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Article type: Paper. DOI: Download Citation: Faraday Discuss. Kramers' theory for diffusion on a periodic potential R. Ianconescu and E. Pollak, Faraday Discuss.

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Search articles by author Reuven Ianconescu. Eli Pollak. Steinem, a founding member, travelled the country, organizing and speaking, and Edgar, a Southerner, was dispatched to Mississippi and Missouri to work on political campaigns. Back in New York, after the elections, she joined the ranks of feminists with mattress privileges in the loft that Steinem had built above her dining table and went to work at Ms.

A few minutes into dessert, the women began reminiscing about Ms. Two years later, a group of American feminists was able to buy it back, and eventually Steinem helped form a foundation to keep the magazine in print, ad-free, as a monthly. The result was that Steinem went shopping.

She started collecting furniture and fabrics. She bought frames for the photographs, pictures, poems, and letters that document the stages of her life on the road, including an almost comically deranged Christmas letter sent in to friends and family by a right-wing second cousin whom she had met four times, when she was in her teens. Love and kisses. Suppose he had liked me? The walls of her living room are painted a warm, deep Indian yellow. The room is cozy and crowded.

When it gets too crowded, Steinem gives something away. Posters cover the walls of the front hall—a time line of the movement as it has changed during the course of her life. For years, Steinem made it a rule never to lecture or organize unless a woman of color was invited with her—a woman who could reach women whose problems of discrimination were far greater than her own—and also for courage, because she is prone to stagefright. And there are posters from fund-raising galas of the past few decades, when feminism became a fashionable liberal cause, and women with money began sitting on movement boards.

Steinem welcomed them all—the rich, the celebrities, the climbers for the cause.

Cosmo Kramer

She was a radical but, consciously, never an outsider. She enjoyed the world where she plied her trade as an entrepreneur of social change, and, with her mouth spray at hand, she had long since mastered the subterfuges of talking truth to power. You could call it consciousness-raising—on a wider canvas.

When she went to Los Angeles to speak at a big Equality Now benefit last fall, she told me how much she was looking forward to a meeting with the honchos at Creative Artists Agency the next day. She was ready for that. She had fought in solidarity with these women for years.

Being Essential: John Kramer

I learned feminism largely from black women. Women of color basically invented feminism. The women of color who came as delegates to Houston were scattered across the country. They had never met as a group before. The Chicana women added the ever-present fear of deportation—and of having to leave their children behind to be brought up by strangers. But Steinem says that nothing prepared her for the Native American women, who wanted to protect their languages and their culture, and to reclaim something of the tribal sovereignty guaranteed by the treaties that, as often as not, had betrayed them.

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They had one of the toughest jobs in Houston: to educate the only country we have, as one of the delegates put it, to the fact that we are also here. The conference was a green light for millions of American women, including liberal Republican women—an endangered species now. Betty Ford, who had campaigned for the E. The N.


The issues for those groups now involve the kinds of violence against women that cross borders and increase as wars proliferate and the gaps in wealth widen. In America, sex trafficking is said to be as high today as in any other country. Honor killings and forced marriages have been reported. Female genital mutilation, which affects ninety per cent of girls and women in countries like Somalia and Egypt, is now practiced within the diaspora here, despite a ban dating from the Clinton Presidency.

According to Yasmeen Hassan, the global executive director of Equality Now, and the author of the first book on domestic violence to appear in Pakistan, more than five hundred thousand girls and women in the United States either are at risk of having F. It can even happen on the telephone. She worked with me on organizing strategies, and went to meetings with me, from morning to night. Amy Richards was the first. Richards went to work for Steinem as a Barnard intern and now works alongside her on nearly every project, while at the same time, with a partner, writing books, running a young-feminist speakers bureau called Soapbox, and shepherding groups of college students through an intensive week of consultations and tough encounters at a Feminist Boot Camp.

One night, Steinem crossed Central Park to visit Jessica Neuwirth, the later second-wave feminist who co-founded Equality Now but who, in the spirit of the third wave, had launched an online feminist nonprofit called Donor Direct Action, designed to connect donors with the grass-roots groups they support abroad. High Commissioner for Human Rights—to help talk her through her choices and advise her on what to do to avoid exposing any successors to Bugaighis to the same risks.

Steinem pointed out that every feminist active in Libya knew them, and, by being active, had chosen to take them on. Pillay listened, reserving judgment.

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Ten days later, Neuwirth introduced her donors to the Salwa Fund, using a video made by Bugaighis before her death. Poo had started organizing as a student, and at twenty-two, with a grant from the Ms. Foundation, she began to organize domestic workers nationally—ninety per cent of them minority women—into associations. Today, at forty-one, she is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, with forty-seven affiliates across the country, representing fifteen thousand members.

But Gloria was always dedicated to lifting other women up, to sharing leadership with them. It was never about herself.

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  • Salamishah Tillet, a professor of English and African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, came with her sister Scheherazade, an artist-in-residence at the Art Institute of Chicago. Scheherazade tucked herself into the corner of a couch. Jones had spent some of her trip sitting in a red-lit storefront window in Amsterdam, soliciting. We have health care, education, a safety net. We like our jobs. The women responded to Jones with some preoccupations of their own. Shifman said that at one point the prison—its women scarred from puberty by the inextricable triad of poverty, prostitution, and drugs—had the highest percentage of staff sexual misconduct of any prison in the United States.

    The conversation was wide-ranging, but by the end of the evening no one, including Jones, knew what, exactly, to make of that week in Amsterdam. She worked hard to get lesbian rights included in the platform of the N. And her record on racism and police brutality has been unimpeachable. Steinem readily acknowledges that the Internet has been revolutionary in giving feminists—particularly black and gay feminists, who in the past were largely unheard by the mainstream media—a voice, and that some important young feminists are now emerging through platforms like Twitter. You have to ask where a lot of these posts about our so-called divisions on issues like race and gender come from.

    And, remember, you have to be able to afford an iPhone or a computer; you have to be literate, which a lot of women in the world are not; and you still have to make change happen in real life, because empathy—the ability not just to know but to feel—only happens when we are together with all five senses. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Search took: 0. The Kramers problem: Fifty years of development. Mel'nikov, V. Abstract Abstract. The most interesting case turns out to be the regime of weak-to-medium damping, in which case the Fokker-Planck equation can be reduced to an equation or to a system of integral equations of the Wiener-Hopf type.

    Exact solutions can then be given for the escape rate from single- and double-well potentials. This general scheme can be naturally extended to include quantum penetration through a semiclassical barrier and the effect of quantum noise. Finally, we consider the Brownian motion in a tilted washboard potential using Josephson junctions as an illustrative example.